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 framework) and CPython, as well as an elected member of the Python Software
+<div class="section" id="hakan-ardo">
+<h1>H&#229;kan Ard&#246;</h1>
+<img alt="image/people/hakanardo.jpg" src="image/people/hakanardo.jpg" />
+<p>H&#229;kan Ard&#246; received his master of science degree in electrical
+engineering from Lund University in 2002. He specialized in
+VLSI-design and Image Processing. He worked as a software
+engineer at Axis Communications 2002-2003 before doing his
+PhD at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences of Lund University
+2003-2009 in the Mathematical Imaging Group. His thesis work consisted
+of designing image processing algorithms for traffic surveillance,
+aiming for a system that automatically measures the safety of an
+intersection or road segment. He is currently working part time as a
+postdoc at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences of Lund University
+continuing this work and part time as CTO with a spinoff company
+Cognimatics. His contributions to PyPy started 2010 and consists of
+the array module as well as work on the JIT compiler's trace optimizers.</p>
 <div class="section" id="many-more-people">
 <h1>Many more people</h1>
 <p>PyPy is and has always been an effort of many volunteers. Consult the <a class="reference external" href="https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/src/tip/LICENSE">LICENSE</a>

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