[pypy-commit] [OPEN] Pull request #14 for pypy/pypy: py3k fixes

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Sun Dec 4 21:22:53 CET 2011

Pull request #14 has been updated by chronitis to include new changes.


Title: py3k fixes

Creator: chronitis

Some work on __builtins__

Updated list of changes:

39344e68a597 by chronitis: "Merge"
fa576535dacc by chronitis: "Fix for annotation fails."
b3840c3c8440 by chronitis: "Make round() return int when ndigits is None."
14369c3d47f1 by chronitis: "Allow pow(negative, fractional) by delegation to complex."
5b95e7c08e92 by chronitis: "Proper handling of large __len__ values."
6a78810d702d by chronitis: "Fix hex, oct (underlying 0123 -> 0o123)."
fa0c7e5b1feb by chronitis: "Merge"
f0afd64eac48 by chronitis: "Correct mapiterator pickle support function."
050613e81bba by chronitis: "Add interp-level implementations (in py3k iterator style) for zip and map. (Also…"
cbc1a1861a21 by chronitis: "Update __builtin__ tests, updating some (but not all) behaviour to py3k. Fix ind…"
95ca73a3be3e by chronitis: "Merge."
e3ea662db1a7 by chronitis: "Remove list __(get,set,del)slice__ tests not used in python3."
3b752508ba56 by chronitis: "Fix print for python3 in tests."
3e17ca1ea704 by chronitis: "Fix xrange/range issues in python3 code."
d3c50446897f by chronitis: "Bool and len both use _check_len_result for identical error messages."
09f985a90b5d by chronitis: "Fix descroperation.is_true to require __bool__ returns bool and __len__ returns …"
de954d9fe3cd by chronitis: "Fix binascii.Error, for test_base64 and test_binascii."
9b4d52021d2a by chronitis: "Fix stringobject so annotation succeeds."
342485ca402a by chronitis: "Fix module.struct so that annotation succeeds."
c3020e56c5bc by chronitis: "Merge."
4a241f725714 by chronitis: "Fix struct module for py3k, fixing unicode/bytes issues, raise struct.error inst…"
8114ec2ff7b1 by chronitis: "Add a couple more string test cases, and fix contains and expandtabs appropriate…"
7cf1f39c9f60 by chronitis: "Fix string methods so that all stdobjspace tests pass."
59ee5b2d25bc by chronitis: "Update stdobjspace string tests with bytestrings, where necessary."
63cd13767ec9 by chronitis: "Add py3k sys.hash_info struct."

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