[pypy-commit] [COMMENT] Pull request #15 for pypy/pypy: Added tolist() function to numpypy's scalars and multidim arrays

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Thu Dec 8 21:04:22 CET 2011

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Alex Gaynor (alex_gaynor) said:

Couple comments:

# You can't use self.value in W_GenericBox, as it doesn't have a specific type, the right way to go is probably to check self.get_dtype(space).kind and call eitehr __int__ or __float__ on it.
# tolist in numarray is a bit messy, a) it should always return a wrapped result, b) it probably doesn't need a special case for 1-dim arrays, it can just keep recursively calling tolist() since eventually it'll get down to a box.
# the tests for scalar can just directly instantiate a box object (e.g. numpy.int32()), they don't need to read it out of an array
# there should be a test for a 0-d array (whic are different than scalars)

Thanks for working on this!

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