[pypy-commit] [OPEN] Pull request #18 for pypy/pypy: Adds string constructors to ints and floats

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Mon Dec 12 22:31:01 CET 2011

Pull request #18 has been updated by Jeff Terrace to include new changes.


Title: Adds string constructors to ints and floats

Creator: Jeff Terrace

# Added tests for (u)int8-(u)int64 and float32/float64 for taking strings as contructors, e.g. int8('50')
# Added string type to FakeSpace
# Updated int and float _coerce methods to handle strings. I had to special case it because space.int(space.wrap('50')) does not work.

Updated list of changes:

ed24df405fd9 by Jeff Terrace: "Change string special case to use call_function instead"
d0fa1bba8dd6 by Jeff Terrace: "Add string to FakeSpace to fix failing compile tests"
aaa9b6a48bbb by Jeff Terrace: "Updated int and float types to take strings in their constructors so things like…"

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