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+Come see us at PyCon 2012
+`PyCon 2012`_ is coming up in just a few short months, and PyPy will be well
+represented there.  We'll be delivering a tutorial, two talks, plus we'll be
+around for the sprints.
+Here are the abstracts for the tutorials and talks:
+* **How to get the most out of your PyPy**: For many applications PyPy can
+  provide performance benefits right out of the box. However, little details
+  can push your application to perform much better. In this tutorial we'll give
+  you insights on how to push PyPy to it's limits. We'll focus on understanding
+  the performance characteristics of PyPy, and learning the analysis tools in
+  order to maximize your applications performance.
+* **Why PyPy by example**: One of the goals of PyPy is to make existing Python
+  code faster, however an even broader goal was to make it possible to write
+  things in Python that previous would needed to be written in C or other
+  low-level language. This talk will show examples of this, and describe how
+  they represent the tremendous progress PyPy has made, and what it means for
+  people looking to use PyPy.
+* **How the PyPy JIT works**: The Python community is abuzz about the major
+  speed gains PyPy can offer pure Python code. But how does PyPy JIT actually
+  work? This talk will discuss how the PyPy JIT is implemented. It will include
+  descriptions of the tracing, optimization, and assembly generation phases. I
+  will demonstrate each step with a example loop.
+If you have any questions let us know!  We look forward to seeing people at
+PyCon and chatting about PyPy and the entire Python ecosystem.
+See you there,
+Maciej Fijalkowski, Alex Gaynor, Benjamin Peterson, Armin Rigo, and the entire PyPy team
+.. _`PyCon 2012`: https://us.pycon.org/2012/

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