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Date: Sat Feb  5 18:18:51 2011
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Maciej won't be giving the Yelp talk -- he won't have arrived yet.

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 BayPIGgies Talk at Yelp: Speakers: Armin Rigo, Maciej Fijalkowski
 Armin Rigo is a researcher at Heinrich-Heine-Universität in Düsseldorf,
 Germany.  His academic interests include Programming Languages and
 Implementation Techniques.
@@ -16,17 +16,6 @@
 Since the end of 2010, the Just in Time compiler generated by PyPy
 has outperformed Psyco, while being much more general and robust.
-Maciej Fijalkowski is a core developer of the PyPy project. He
-started contributing to it with the help of the Google Summer of Code
-Project in 2005, when he developed the Javascript backend. Since then,
-he has worked on the core of PyPy, including ctypes, the Just-In-Time
-compiler, garbage collectors and more.
-At present he is employed by SKA South Africa to build infrastructure
-for MeerKAT, a very large radio telescope under construction in the
-Karoo desert. The infrastructure is largely python-based and employs
-Twisted and PyPy among other technologies.
 The PyPy project has recently gathered a lot of attention for its
 progress in speeding up the Python language -- it is the fastest,

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