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Date: Thu Feb 10 11:39:42 2011
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Add note that Christian might be attending.  Change the wording that could
be interpreted that we are looking to hire new PyPy developers.  Mention
that we are then heading for PyCon, and will have a sprint there as well.

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   open to the public (but Mozilla develoeprs can videoconference).
 From the PyPy project team we will have Armin Rigo, Maciej Fijalkowski
-(from 6th March), Laura Creighton and Jacob Hallen at these events.
+(from 6th March), Laura Creighton and Jacob Hallén and possibly 
+Christian Tismer attending.
 Most of the talks will focus on (some of) the highlights and the
 status of pypy:
@@ -35,10 +37,34 @@
 * new "cpyext" layer which integrates existing CPython C extensions
 * an experimental super-fast JIT-compilation of calls to C++ libraries
+As is usual for us, there is vastly more material that is available for
+us to cover than time, especially when it comes to possible future 
+directions for PyPy.  We want to reserve a certain amount of time at
+each talk purely to discuss things that are of interest to audience 
+members.  However, if you already know what you wish we would discuss,
+and are attending a talk (or even if you aren't), please let us know.
+You can either reply to this blog post, 
 Apart from getting more technical and project insight, our travel is
 a also a good possibility for companies in the SF area to talk to us
 regarding contracting.  In September 2011 our current "Eurostars" research
-project ends and some of us are looking for consulting/subcontracts or hiring
-related to PyPy.  We have two companies, Open End and merlinux, who
-have successfully done a number of contracts and projects in the past.
-If you want to talk business or get together for dinner, let us know!
+project ends and some of us are looking for ways to continue working on
+PyPy through consulting, subcontracting or hiring.  The two companies, 
+Open End and merlinux, have successfully done a number of such contracts 
+and projects in the past.  If you want to talk business or get together for
+lunch or dinner, let us know! If you would like us to come to your company
+and make a presentation, let us know!  If you have any ideas about what
+we should discuss in a presentation so that you could use it to convince
+the powers-that-be at your place of employment that investing time and 
+money in PyPy would be a good idea, let us know! 
+On Tuesday March 8th we will be heading for Atlanta for the Python VM
+and Language Summits before attending PyCon.  Maciej Fijalkowski and
+Alex Gaynor will be giving a talk entitled _Why is Python slow and how
+can PyPy help?_ http://us.pycon.org/2011/schedule/presentations/160/
+Maciej will also be giving the talk _Running ultra large telescopes
+in Python_ http://us.pycon.org/2011/schedule/presentations/159/ which is
+partially about his experiences using PyPy in the  Square Kilometer Array
+project in South Africa.  There will be a PyPy Sprint March 14-17.  
+All are welcome.

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