[pypy-commit] [OPEN] Pull request #5 for pypy: arcsin, arccos and arctan for numpy

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Fri Jul 29 01:54:45 CEST 2011

A new pull request has been opened by cgerum.

cgerum/pypy has changes to be pulled into pypy/pypy.


Title: arcsin, arccos and arctan for numpy

This pull request implements arcsin, arccos and arctan for numpy.

Changes to be pulled:

47c7c4f3577f by cgerum: "merge default"
c823c8aa0b57 by cgerum: "numpy: Added inf and -inf to test of arctan ufunc"
cf22222905d0 by cgerum: "numpy: Added ufuncs for arcsin, arccos, arctan"

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