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Log:	draft of the blog post about pypy success stories

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+PyPy success stories
+Regular readers of this blog know the great progresses that PyPy achieved in
+the past few years in terms of speed_, stability, and adoption.
+All of this has been made possibile thanks to the help of the Open Source
+community, but also thanks to the `Eurostars programme`_, which let some of us
+core developers to work full time on PyPy for the past two years. (XXX: is it
+correct? Feel free to expand this section to explain better what it is)
+Our participation to Eurostars is ending in August, and at the moment we are
+exploring several different ways of funding PyPy through other sources.  We
+will write more about that in the next days.  During this process, it is
+important to show that PyPy has stopped to be "just" a research project, but
+that it is also a robust and solid solution for industries.
+We would like to write a "PyPy success stories" list, and thus we ask for your
+  - if you are already using PyPy in production;
+  - if you are actively testing PyPy on your codebase;
+  - or even if you are simply considering switching to PyPy and experimenting with it;
+in those cases, please let us know about it.  We would like to know which
+company you work for, what are you using PyPy for, and why you decided to
+switch to it.  Ideally, we would like the permission to publish these
+informations and share it with the public.  
+If for any reason you cannot or do not want to make them public, we are still
+interested to hear about it.  In that case, don't hesitate to contact us
+privately, we will not publish your data.
+At your preference, you can write the information directly as a comment of
+this blog post, by writing an email to the `pypy-dev`_ mailing list or by
+writing a private email to me (`Antonio Cuni`_) or `Laura Creighton`_. (XXX: I
+don't like too much the way I wrote this sentence, feel free to rephrase it)
+We hope to hear about lots of PyPy success stories. Remind that the more of
+them we collect, the easier for us to find sponsors to fund further
+development of PyPy!

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