[pypy-commit] extradoc extradoc: fix XXX

cfbolz noreply at buildbot.pypy.org
Mon Jun 20 10:13:51 CEST 2011

Author: Carl Friedrich Bolz <cfbolz at gmx.de>
Branch: extradoc
Changeset: r3747:deffc51bf85b
Date: 2011-06-20 10:07 +0200

Log:	fix XXX

diff --git a/talk/iwtc11/paper.tex b/talk/iwtc11/paper.tex
--- a/talk/iwtc11/paper.tex
+++ b/talk/iwtc11/paper.tex
@@ -832,9 +832,11 @@
 it. Benchmarks have been executed for a few different interpreters and
 we see improvements in several cases. The ideal loop for this optimization
 would be short numerical calculations with no failing guards and no
-external calls.
-XXX reason why we use small numerical kernels for benchmarks
+external calls. Larger loops involving many operations on complex objects
+typically benefit less from it. Loop peeling never makes performance worse, in
+the worst case the peeled loop is exactly the same as the preamble. Therefore we
+chose to present benchmarks of small numeric kernels where loop peeling can show
+its use.
 XXX we either need to explain that we use C++ or consistently use C

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