[pypy-svn] pypy default: Removed misleading refs to pypy/doc and svn from the README.

tav commits-noreply at bitbucket.org
Mon Mar 14 17:07:57 CET 2011

Author: tav <tav at espians.com>
Changeset: r42614:a98716e2324e
Date: 2011-03-14 16:07 +0000

Log:	Removed misleading refs to pypy/doc and svn from the README.

diff --git a/README b/README
--- a/README
+++ b/README
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-PyPy: Python in Python implementation 
+PyPy: Python in Python Implementation 
 Welcome to PyPy!
@@ -13,18 +13,12 @@
-We invite you to head over to our detailed getting-started document:
-    pypy/doc/getting-started.html or
-    pypy/doc/getting-started.txt
-    (local if you got a source tarball or svn checkout)
+The getting-started document will help guide you:
-which gives you many good starting and entry points into playing with
-PyPy.  It will also point you to our documentation section which is
-generated from information in the pypy/doc directory.
-Enjoy and send us feedback!
+It will also point you to the rest of the documentation which is generated
+from files in the pypy/doc directory within the source repositories. Enjoy
+and send us feedback!
     the pypy-dev team <pypy-dev at codespeak.net>

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