[pypy-svn] pypy default: delete obsolete material

lac commits-noreply at bitbucket.org
Wed Mar 23 02:43:08 CET 2011

Author: Laura Creighton <lac at openend.se>
Changeset: r42859:04d276c92744
Date: 2011-03-23 02:42 +0100

Log:	delete obsolete material

diff --git a/pypy/doc/getting-started-dev.rst b/pypy/doc/getting-started-dev.rst
--- a/pypy/doc/getting-started-dev.rst
+++ b/pypy/doc/getting-started-dev.rst
@@ -17,9 +17,7 @@
   * Download and install Pygame_.
-  * Download and install `Dot Graphviz`_ (optional if you have an internet
-    connection: the flowgraph viewer then connects to
-    codespeak.net and lets it convert the flowgraph by a graphviz server).
+  * Download and install `Dot Graphviz`_ 
 To start the interactive translator shell do::

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