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Log:	a draft of the sprint report for the blog

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+Gothenburg sprint report
+In the past days, we have been busy hacking on PyPy at the Gothenburg sprint,
+the second of this 2011.  The sprint was hold at Laura's and Jacob's place,
+and here is a brief report of what happened.
+In the first day we welcomed Mark Pearse, which was new to PyPy and at his
+first sprint.  Mark worked the whole sprint at the new SpecialisedTuple_
+branch, whose aim is to have a special implementation for small 2-items and
+3-items tuples of primitive types (e.g., ints or floats) to save memory.  Mark
+paired with Antonio for a couple of days, then he continued alone and did amazing
+job.  He even learned how to properly do Test Driven Development :-).
+.. _SpecialisedTuple: http://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changesets/tip/branch%28%22SpecialisedTuples%22%29
+Antonio spent a couple of days investingating whether it is possible to use
+`application checkpoint` libraries such as BLCR_ and DMTCP_ to save the state of
+the PyPy interpreter between subsequent runs, thus saving also the
+JIT-compiled code to reduce the warmup time.  The conclusion is that these are
+interesting technologies, but more work would be needed (either on the PyPy
+side or on the checkpoint library side) before it can have a practical usage
+for PyPy users.
+.. _`application checkpoint`: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_checkpointing
+.. _BLCR: http://ftg.lbl.gov/projects/CheckpointRestart/
+.. _DMTCP: http://dmtcp.sourceforge.net/
+Then, Antonio spent most of the sprint working on his ffistruct_ branch, whose
+aim is to provide a very JIT-friendly way to interact with C structures, and
+eventually implement ``ctypes.Structure`` on top of that.  The "cool part" of
+the branch is already done, and the JIT already can compile set/get of fields
+into a single fast assembly instruction, about 400 times faster than the
+corresponding ctypes code.  What is still left to do is to add a nicer syntax
+(which is easy) and to implement all the ctypes peculiarities (which is
+tedious, at best :-)).
+.. _ffistruct: http://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changesets/tip/branch(%22ffistruct%22)
+As usual, Armin did tons of different stuff, including fixing a JIT bug,
+improving the performance of ``file.readlines()`` and working on the STM_
+branch (for Software Transactional Memory), which is now able to run RPython
+multithreaded programs using software transaction (as long as they don't fill
+up all the memory, because support for the GC is still missing :-)).  Finally,
+he worked on improving the Windows version of PyPy, and while doing so he
+discovered toghether with Anto a terrible bug which leaded to a continuous
+leak of stack space because the JIT called some functions using the wrong
+calling convention.
+.. _STM: http://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changesets/tip/branch("stm")
+H&#229;kan, with some help from Armim, worked on the `jit-targets`_ branch, whose goal
+is to heavily refactor the way the traces are internally represented by the
+JIT, so that in the end we can produce (even :-)) better code than what we do
+nowadays.  More details in this mail_.
+.. _`jit-targets`: http://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changesets/tip/branch("stm")
+.. _mail: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/pypy-dev/2011-November/008728.html
+Andrew Dalke worked on a way to integrate PyPy with FORTRAN libraries, and in
+particular the ones which are wrapped by Numpy and Scipy: in doing so, he
+wrote f2pypy_, which is similar to the existing ``f2py`` but instead of
+producing a CPython extension module it produces a pure python modules based
+on ``ctypes``.  More work is needed before it can be considered complete, but
+``f2pypy`` is already able to produce a wrapper for BLAS which passes most of
+the tests (although not all).
+.. _f2pypy: http://bitbucket.org/pypy/f2pypy
+Christian Tismer worked the whole sprint on the branch to make PyPy compatible
+with Windows 64 bit.  This needs a lot of work because a lot of PyPy is
+written under the assumption than assumption that the ``long`` type in C has
+the same bit size than ``void*``, which is not true on Win64.  Christian says
+that in the past Genova-Pegli sprint he completed 90% of the work, and in this
+sprint he did the other 90% of the work.  Obviously, what is left to complete
+the task is the third 90% :-).  More seriously, he estimated a total of 2-4
+person-weeks of work to finish it.
+But, all in all, the best part of the sprint has been the cake that Laura
+cooked to celebrate the "5x faster than CPython" achievement. Well, actually
+our speed_ page reports "only" 4.7x, but that's because in the meantime we
+switched from comparing against CPython 2.6 to comparing against CPython 2.7,
+which is slightly faster.  We are confident that we will reach the 5x goal
+again, and that will be the perfect excuse to eat another cake :-)
+.. _speed: http://speed.pypy.org/
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