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Author: Maciej Fijalkowski <fijall at gmail.com>
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Log:	(agaynor, fijal, arigo lurking) talk proposal

diff --git a/talk/pycon2012/talk.rst b/talk/pycon2012/talk.rst
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+Why PyPy by example
+One of the goals of PyPy is to make existing Python code faster, however an
+even broader goal was to make it possible to write things in Python that
+previous would needed to be written in C or other low-level language.
+This talk will show examples of this, and describe how they represent
+the tremendous progress PyPy has made, and what it means for people looking
+to use PyPy.
+In this talk we'll talk about PyPy's present status and for what kinds
+of applications it might be useful. We'll also show examples of things
+that are possible with PyPy that were impossible to do with Python before,
+like real time video processing done in pure python. Our objective with
+each of the examples will be to highlight the type of work that is sped up
+and why this represents both a boon for existing Python programmers, as well
+as an opportunity for Python to expand to new audiences.
+We'll also explain a bit PyPy's current status, its goals and near future.

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