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diff --git a/sprintinfo/gothenburg-2011-2/announce.txt b/sprintinfo/gothenburg-2011-2/announce.txt
--- a/sprintinfo/gothenburg-2011-2/announce.txt
+++ b/sprintinfo/gothenburg-2011-2/announce.txt
@@ -2,20 +2,21 @@
 The next PyPy sprint will be in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is a public sprint, 
-suitable for newcomers.  We'll focus on making a public kick off for
-both the numpy/pypy integration project and the py3k interpreter project,
-as well as whatever interests the Sprint attendees.
+suitable for newcomers.  We'll focus on making a public kickoff for
+both the `numpy/pypy integration project`_
+and the `Py3k support project`_,
+as well as whatever interests the Sprint attendees.  Since both of these
+projects are very new, there will be plenty of work suitable for newcomers
+to PyPy.
+.. _`numpy/pypy integration project`: http://pypy.org/numpydonate.html
+.. _`Py3k interpreter project`: http://pypy.org/py3donate.html
-Topics and goals
-The main goal is to XXX
-Other topics:
+Other topics might include:
 - Helping people get their code running with PyPy
-- maybe work on FSCon talk
+- work on a FSCons talk?
 - state of the STM Vinnova project (We most likely, but not for certain will
   know whether or not we are approved by this date.)
@@ -33,9 +34,6 @@
-XXX I am fine with having the sprint here.  Or we could have it at OE.
-    It's the 'sleeping at my house' part that isn't working.
 The sprint will be held in the apartment of Laura Creighton and Jacob Hall&#65533;n
 which is at G&#65533;tabergsgatan 22 in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Here is a map_.  This is
 in central Gothenburg.  It is between the tram_ stops of Vasaplatsen and 
@@ -61,7 +59,8 @@
 from 10:00 until people have had enough.  It's a good idea to arrive a
 day before the sprint starts and leave a day later.  In the middle of
 the sprint there usually is a break day and it's usually ok to take
-half-days off if you feel like it.
+half-days off if you feel like it.  Of course, many of you may be interested
+in sticking around for FSCons, held the weekend after the sprint.
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