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diff --git a/talk/pyconar2011/abstract.rst b/talk/pyconar2011/abstract.rst
--- a/talk/pyconar2011/abstract.rst
+++ b/talk/pyconar2011/abstract.rst
@@ -1,10 +1,13 @@
 Little things that PyPy makes possible
-PyPy is just a python interpreter. However, there are things that were not
-quite possible to do with Python, like real time video processing, because
-of Python interpreter limitations. This is no longer the case -- I'll present
-a few demos and explain the details of those little things that run on PyPy that
-make python an even more awesome language than it was before.
+PyPy is just a python interpreter. One of the original goals of the project
+were to make existing python programs run faster, and PyPy succeeded in that.
+However, the even more exciting part is that optimizations implemented in PyPy
+let people do things in Python that were not possible before, like real-time
+video processing, numeric array manipulation faster than in C etc. etc.
+During the talk I'll present some demos and talk what things are possible having
+a decent optimizing just-in-time compiler and briefly discuss strategies that
+we used for achieving this. I'll also discuss how faster-than-C, pypy's original
+goal from years ago, was after all not that far off.

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