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+NumPy Status Update
+Hi everyone,
+It's been a little while since we wrote about NumPy on PyPy, so I wanted to
+give everyone an update on what we've been up to, and what's up next for us.
+Some of the things that have happened since last we wrote are:
+* We added ``dtype`` support, meaning you can now create arrays of a bunch of
+  different types, including bools, ints of a various sizes, and floats.
+* More array methods and ufuncs, including things like comparison methods
+  (``==``, ``>``, etc.)
+* Support for more and more argument types, for example you can index by a
+  tuple now (only works with tuples of length one, since we only have
+  single-dimension arrays thus far).
+Some of the things we're working on at the moment:
+* More dtypes, including unsigned integers, singe floats, and complex doubles.
+* Subscripting arrays by other array as indices, and by bool arrays as masks.
+Some of the things on the near horizon are:
+* Better support for scalar data, for example did you know that
+  ``numpy.array([True], dtype=bool)[0]`` doesn't return a ``bool`` object?
+  Instead it returns a ``numpy.bool_``.
+* Multi-dimensional array support.
+If you're interested in helping out, we always love more contributors,
+Alex, Maciej, Justin, and the whole PyPy team
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