[pypy-commit] [pypy/pypy] PyFile_FromFile, PySys_SetArgv and PyThreadState_New implementation (pull request #68)

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Fri Apr 6 11:35:32 CEST 2012

Pull request #68 has been updated by Roberto De Ioris to include new changes.


Title: PyFile_FromFile, PySys_SetArgv and PyThreadState_New implementation

Creator: Roberto De Ioris

PyFile_FromFile() is used by c apps to map a libc FILE object to a Python file object. The implementation make use of the pypy-specific file.fdopen function.  PySys_SetArgv is used to set sys.argv. Both Tested with latest uWSGI tip. PyThreadState_New is only a prototype, i suspect the different internal threading usage in PyPy will require a bigger effort.

Updated list of changes:

5b28c054a739 by Roberto De Ioris: "added PySys_SetArgv and PyThreadState_New"
7bd1b6f657a8 by Roberto De Ioris: "merge with official pypy"
d356d169e770 by Roberto De Ioris: "add fflush to cpyext pyfile implementation"
1f3baa6ce8b1 by rob... at mrsurr: "merge"
2afeef0e350b by Roberto De Ioris: "implemed PyFile_FromFile as cpyext"
7eb44aa590a2 by Roberto De Ioris: "added Py_Initialize,Py_Finalize,Py_SetPythonHome,Py_SetProgramName as cpyext"
4c1e64afbe9a by Roberto De Ioris: "added implementation of Py_Initialize"

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