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Log:	draft next numpy status update

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+NumPy on PyPy progress report
+A lot of things happened in March, like `pycon`_. I was also busy doing other
+things (pictured), so apologies for the late numpy status update.
+However, a lot of things have happened and numpy continues to be on of the
+main points of entry for hacking on PyPy. Apologies to all the people who's
+patches I don't review in timely manner, but seriously, you do **a lot** of
+The list of things is definitely not exhaustive, and I might be forgetting
+important contributions. In a loose order:
+* Matti Picus made ``out`` parameter working for a lot (but not all)
+  functions.
+* We merged record dtypes support. The only missing dtypes left are complex
+  (important), datetime (less important) and object (which will probably
+  never be implemented).
+* Taavi Burns and others implemented lots of details, including lots of ufuncs.
+  On the completely unscientific measure of "implemented functions" on
+  `numpypy status page`_, we're close to 50% of numpy working. In reality
+  it might be more or less, but after complex dtypes we're getting very close
+  to running real programs.
+* Bool indexing of arrays of the same size should work, leaving only
+  arrays-of-ints indexing as the last missing element of fancy indexing.
+* I did some very early experiments on SSE. This work is **seriously**
+  preliminary - in fact the only implemented operation is addition of
+  float single-dimension numpy arrays. However, results are encouraging,
+  given that our assembler generator is far from ideal:
+  +
+Next step would be to just continue implementing missing features. Future
+is hard to predict, but we're not far off!
+.. _`pycon`: http://us.pycon.org

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