[pypy-commit] [REJECTED] Pull request #20 for pypy/pypy: Improvements to the JVM backend, this time with tests

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Wed Jan 18 21:40:07 CET 2012

Pull request #20 has been rejected by Antonio Cuni.

benol/pypy had changes to be pulled into pypy/pypy.


manually merged

Rejected changes:

8efdb1515b2c by Michał Bendowski: "Handle the 'jit_is_virtual' opcode by always returning False"
f1d52bd62e15 by Michał Bendowski: "Add a missing cast from Unsigned to UnsignedLongLong in the JVM
8ff039cadd19 by Michał Bendowski: "Declare oo_primitives that should implement some rffi operations.

For now the a…"
25d4d323cb5f by Michał Bendowski: "Fix compute_unique_id to support built-ins in ootype.

Otherwise the translation…"
7f09531dd6a9 by Michał Bendowski: "Fix userspace builders in ootype

Implement the getlength() method of StringBuil…"
578e69f273f9 by Michał Bendowski: "Add files generated by PyCharm to .hgignore"

The pull request has been closed.

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