[pypy-commit] [OPEN] Pull request #21 for pypy/pypy: datetime.py fix for issue972, with unit test

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Sat Jan 21 17:16:09 CET 2012

Pull request #21 has been updated by David Ripton to include new changes.


Title: datetime.py fix for issue972, with unit test

Creator: David Ripton

Copying utcfromtimestamp from the CPython3.2 version of datetime.py seems to fix the roundoff errors in time zone calculations.

Updated list of changes:

eeedeffe6525 by David Ripton: "Clean up os.environ["TZ"] when we're done, in case other tests follow."
07e667cb75a4 by David Ripton: "Add a test to prove that datetime issue972 (and dupe issue986) are fixed."
235d8b8434a8 by David Ripton: "Copy function utcfromtimestamp from CPython 3.2's datetime.py

Fixes issue972, w…"

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