[pypy-commit] [OPEN] Pull request #23 for pypy/pypy: Fix _sqlite3.py fix for issue996, with test

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Mon Jan 23 00:08:01 CET 2012

A new pull request has been opened by David Ripton.

dripton/pypy has changes to be pulled into pypy/pypy.


Title: Fix _sqlite3.py fix for issue996, with test

4 commits of trivial cleanups to lib_pypy/_sqlite3.py, a comment to comply with the pysqlite license, a test based on the test case in issue996, and a one-line fix for issue996.  lib-python/2.7/test/test_sqlite.py still passes after the change.

Changes to be pulled:

80014f10414c by David Ripton: "Do not call statement.reset() after executing DDL.

Fixes issue996."
6141b7352630 by David Ripton: "Failing test for issue 996"
01ed002a2b95 by David Ripton: "Add a comment making it clear this file is modified, for license compliance."
d49f44c4a62f by David Ripton: "Fix old-style raise statements (illegal in Python 3, ugly in Python 2)"
014a02a9d3df by David Ripton: "Remove unused local variables."
d39f5493dcaf by David Ripton: "Remove unused import."
3ed178fb213d by David Ripton: "Remove unreachable statement referring to nonexistant variable."

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