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Author: David Schneider <david.schneider at picle.org>
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Date: 2012-07-27 10:30 +0200

Log:	write a bit about the motivation

diff --git a/talk/vmil2012/paper.tex b/talk/vmil2012/paper.tex
--- a/talk/vmil2012/paper.tex
+++ b/talk/vmil2012/paper.tex
@@ -122,6 +122,13 @@
 light (to much?) on this topic.
 The contributions of this paper are:
 \todo{more motivation}
+Based on the informal observation that guards are among the most common
+operations in the traces produced by PyPy's tracing JIT and that guards are
+operations that are associated with an overhead to maintain information about
+state to be able to rebuild it, our goal is to present concrete numbers for the
+frecuency and the overhead produced by guards, explain how they are implemented
+in the diferent levels of PyPy's tracing JIT and explain the rationale behind
+the desing decisions based on the numbers.
 \todo{contributions, description of PyPy's guard architecture, analysis on benchmarks}

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