[pypy-commit] [OPEN] Pull request #29 for pypy/pypy: Finish kqueue support

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Sun Mar 4 17:04:32 CET 2012

Pull request #29 has been updated by Tobias Oberstein to include new changes.


Title: Finish kqueue support

Creator: Tobias Oberstein

Working kqueue support. Translator test, all unit tests succeed, PyPy builds, Twisted trunk runs, Autobahn WebSocket testsuite runs.

Updated list of changes:

d107b907c070 by Tobias Oberstein: "Merge upstream."
5c06272fbaa9 by Tobias Oberstein: "Correct use of integer types."
87f0c2c83a66 by Tobias Oberstein: "Closely follow the CPy impl.."
ee259270972a by Tobias Oberstein: "Implement all comparison ops."
58b8b3f12824 by Tobias Oberstein: "Add missing test from CPy, fix types."
3da8ca8d473f by Tobias Oberstein: "Enable kqueue on all BSDish platforms."
1205ef1c2c35 by Tobias Oberstein: "Cosmetical changes."
696dedf6f58f by Tobias Oberstein: "Merge upstream."
a701fa0e939b by Tobias Oberstein: "Make all unit tests pass."
fa4020666f4c by Tobias Oberstein: "Various fixes, implement kevent comparison."
b11d2bf7c116 by Tobias Oberstein: "Merge upstream."
3d6ef205bbaa by Tobias Oberstein: "Some build fixes."
1996736bd620 by Tobias Oberstein: "Implement timeout forwarding."
39358fbeb957 by Tobias Oberstein: "Implement kqueue control."
ff829d29d644 by Tobias Oberstein: "Complete symbols, streamline code, fix include, whitespace."
e46a58cf8ee6 by Tobias Oberstein: "Fix module init, test init."
b12df2b6eaa8 by Tobias Oberstein: "Merging trunk and resolving conflicts."
cc37b011ea0f by Alex Gaynor: "a little work"
0b624568902e by Alex Gaynor: "merged upstream"
38bc1b0542fa by Alex Gaynor: "resolved merge conflicts"
32456c2f21a2 by Alex Gaynor: "Implemented kevent and started on kqueue."
1a5f26bde444 by Alex Gaynor: "Allow submodules for MixedModules, imported from my psycopg2 fork."
0a34a5b002d1 by Alex Gaynor: "Final typo fix."
4e7c33ca4b88 by Alex Gaynor: "One more typo fix."
089f3314fd8b by Alex Gaynor: "typo fix."
0b8353f1a1b4 by Alex Gaynor: "Missing import."
1ef20b0124c0 by Alex Gaynor: "Remove this test, it doesn't seem to pass under CPython."
dae97b70bdfe by Alex Gaynor: "Fix a typo in the tests."
682046107ffe by Alex Gaynor: "Added tests and skeleton."

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