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Author: Maciej Fijalkowski <fijall at gmail.com>
Branch: extradoc
Changeset: r4117:3bc5037c8e82
Date: 2012-03-04 12:21 -0800

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diff --git a/blog/draft/py3k-status-update-1.rst b/blog/draft/py3k-status-update-1.rst
--- a/blog/draft/py3k-status-update-1.rst
+++ b/blog/draft/py3k-status-update-1.rst
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
+Py3k status update
 Thank to all the people who donated_ to the `py3k proposal`_, we managed to
 collect enough money to start to work on the first step.  This is a quick
@@ -45,6 +46,7 @@
 .. _donated: http://morepypy.blogspot.com/2012/01/py3k-and-numpy-first-stage-thanks-to.html
 .. _`py3k proposal`: http://pypy.org/py3donate.html
+.. _`py3k branch`: https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/src/py3k
 .. _`Leysin sprint`: http://morepypy.blogspot.com/2011/12/leysin-winter-sprint.html
 .. _`py3k tests nightly`: http://buildbot.pypy.org/summary?branch=py3k
 .. _`lexical exception handlers`: http://bugs.python.org/issue3021
diff --git a/blog/draft/py3k-status-update-2.rst b/blog/draft/py3k-status-update-2.rst
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/blog/draft/py3k-status-update-2.rst
@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+Py3k status update #2
+This is the second status update about my work on the `py3k branch`_, which I
+can work on thanks to all of the people who donated_ to the `py3k proposal`_.
+Since my previous `status update`_, things have improved a lot: first of all, I
+fixed the syntax of many more tests, which were failing on the branch because
+they used constructs which are no longer valid in Python 3, such as ``u''``
+strings, the ``print`` statement or the old ``except Exception, e`` syntax.  I
+have to say that this work is tedious and not very rewarding, but it has to be
+done anyway, so that the real failures can stand up.
+Then, I spent most of the rest of the time by killing features which are
+present in Python 2 and are gone in Python 3.
+Some of them were easy and mechnical: for example, I removed all the function
+attributes such as ``func_code`` and ``func_closure``, which has been renamed
+to ``__code__`` and ``__closure__``, and then I had to find and fix all the
+places which still expected the old ones.
+Some were trickier: I removed support for the ``cmp`` function and the
+``__cmp__`` special method, but this also meant that I had to fix a few types
+which relied on it to be comparable (for example, did you know that the cells
+contained in ``__closure__`` are comparable?). At the same time, I also
+removed the old behavior which in Python 2 allows us to compare arbitrary
+objects with ``<``, ``>`` & co.: in Python 3 the only comparisons allowed
+between incompatible types are ``==`` and ``!=``.
+Speaking of old special methods, ``__hex__`` and ``__oct__`` are gone as well
+(and I didn't even know about their existence before removing them :-))
+But the most important breakthrough was the removal of the ``_file`` module,
+containing the implementation of the ``file`` type in Python 2, which is now
+gone since in Python 3 files are handled by the ``_io`` module.  Killing the
+module was not straightforward, because some of the importing logic was tightly
+tied to the internal implementation of files, so it needed some refactoring.
+Finally, I had to fix the ``marshal`` module to correctly detect text files
+vs. byte files.
+Among these things, I fixed tons of smaller issues here and there. As a
+result, there are many fewer failing tests than a few weeks ago.  Obviously the
+number itself does not mean much, because sometimes fixing a single test takes
+hours, and some other times by changing one line one fixes tens of tests. But at
+the end, seeing it dropping from 999 to 650_ always is nice and rewarding :-).
+The road for having a pypy3k is still long, but everything is going fine so
+far. Stay tuned for more updates!
+.. _donated: http://morepypy.blogspot.com/2012/01/py3k-and-numpy-first-stage-thanks-to.html
+.. _`py3k proposal`: http://pypy.org/py3donate.html
+.. _`py3k branch`: https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/src/py3k
+.. _`status update`: http://morepypy.blogspot.com/2012/02/py3k-status-update.html
+.. _650: http://buildbot.pypy.org/summary?category=linux32&branch=py3k&recentrev=53071:411bb6d819b1

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