[pypy-commit] [OPEN] Pull request #31 for pypy/pypy: py3k test fixes

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Mon Mar 12 19:40:11 CET 2012

A new pull request has been opened by Michael Blume.

MichaelBlume/pypy has changes to be pulled into pypy/pypy.


Title: py3k test fixes

Changes to be pulled:

f934e480a990 by Michael Blume: "python 3 seems to want to call this a class"
1ef6650897ed by Michael Blume: "don't represent these characters as u'foo'

python3 doesn't use u''"
7f44e04a79e4 by Michael Blume: "fix failing defaultdict test -- need to call list

dict.keys() and .items() retu…"
be1a97cde868 by Michael Blume: "3dded6e012c"
024ec5d326f0 by Michael Blume: "fix failing test -- __next__ is the new next"
95927cbaa0c9 by Michael Blume: "fix failing tests -- ranges are iterators now"

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