[pypy-commit] [OPEN] Pull request #59 for pypy/pypy: allow [newaxis] functionality in NumPy

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Thu Mar 15 01:27:56 CET 2012

Pull request #59 has been updated by Michael Blume to include new changes.


Title: allow [newaxis] functionality in NumPy

Creator: Michael Blume

numpy allows:

newaxis = None

a = array([1,2,3])


array([ [1,2,3] ])

This adds that.

Updated list of changes:

cb80a924de4c by Michael Blume: "still more tests

slice then newaxis, newaxis then slice"
bf21ed82269d by Michael Blume: "new tests"
4993a391e3b0 by Michael Blume: "fix a couple more function names"
dc7baf8b94ea by Michael Blume: "the name in numpy is actually newaxis -- make sure keywords make sense"
db64d273fc46 by Michael Blume: "add newaxis keyword to numpy.numeric"
4805ca9b8d4c by Michael Blume: "hack in support for [None] to create new index"
b3eff16f15be by Michael Blume: "add simple (failing) tests for newindex"

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