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+Performance analysis tools for JITted VMs
+When writing code in C, the mapping between written code and compiled assembler
+is generally pretty well understood. Compilers employ tricks, but barring
+few extreme examples they're, typically within 20% performance difference
+from "naive" compilation. Tools used to asses performance are usually
+per-function profilers, like valgrind, oprofile or gnuprof. They all can
+display time spent per function as well as cumultative times and call
+chains. This works very well for small-to-medium programs, however large,
+already profiled programs tend to have flat performance profile with unclear
+message from profilers.
+To make matters even more complicated, in JITted VMs, like PyPy, mapping
+between assembler and high level language, like python, is very unclear and
+not well known. Writing "good" vs "bad" python (from the JIT perspective),
+can make a 20x performance difference. I would like to show current profilers,
+their use cases and shortcomings as well as make the case that we need much
+better tools to deal with the current situation.

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