[pypy-commit] [pypy/pypy] add ndmin param to numpy.array (pull request #63)

Michael Blume pullrequests-noreply at bitbucket.org
Tue Mar 20 08:03:11 CET 2012

A new pull request has been opened by Michael Blume.

MichaelBlume/pypy/ndmin has changes to be pulled into pypy/pypy/default.


Title: add ndmin param to numpy.array

Two things that need review here. First, I'm doing array multiplication, and I'm not *sure* that's allowed in RPython code. Second, I'm checking whether w_ndmin is *either* a None or a wrapped-none, which seems a little smelly. Suggestions welcome.

Changes to be pulled:

2f7579610bf0 by Michael Blume: "make test pass -- add ndmin param to numpy.array"
910674ed4a9b by Michael Blume: "add failing test of ndmin parameter of numpy.array"

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