[pypy-dev] next sprint time

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Mon Aug 4 20:57:54 CEST 2003


on the last sprint in Belgium we discussed the next sprint
place and time.  The idea was End of September in Berlin. 
Because we couldn't find the right place in Berlin, yet, i asked
someone in Amsterdam and he is now also checking if it's
possible there.  At least one person from the US wants to 
attend so Amsterdam wouldn'be the worst choice in that

However, even more important than the place is to find 
the right time.  From the last discussions i take it that
end of september/beginning of October is the earliest 
possible date.  Also for quite a few people it's important
to know the date as long in advance as possible. 

So i try to set up some reasanable choices: 

    22th-28th of September

    29th-5th of October

    5th-12th of October

Please, if you are interested to come at any of the above
the dates (or at all of them) please send me a private
mail.  I'll post the results by the end of the week 
and would pick the date where most people can come.  From 
Jum and Armin i already have some information (and Armin
seems to be able to come to any of the above but also
wants to know early). 

If you have a better suggestion how to fix the next sprint 
time feel free to chime in.  




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