[pypy-dev] opcodes bundled in a class?

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Tue Aug 5 02:14:09 CEST 2003

Armin Rigo wrote:

[stuff agreed]

> In this point of view, you can only call a function object (not a code
> object), but the function object needs to call a method build_frame() on the
> code object to create the appropriate kind of frame object. The resulting
> frame object should then have an eval() method to be actually run. I'm not
> sure where exactly the ExecutionContext comes into play; its role is to store
> the frames in the frame stack, but in Python built-in functions do not
> register frames there. Maybe it should be the role of the specific PyFrame
> class (implementing an app-level frame) to register and unregister itself into
> the frame stack. And what about generators ? I guess it would be nice if
> built-in functions could act as generators as well.

Maybe I've read not enough of context, but if I only can call
a function object, how are then classes and complete
modules executed?
In standard Python, a frame is created for a code object, together
with parameters and additional info, which may, but needn't
come from a function object (speaking of closures).
Why not stick with this?

ciao - chris

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