[pypy-dev] request for sprint planning discussion

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Mon Dec 1 19:47:11 CET 2003

Hi Stephan,

[Stephan Diehl Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 05:35:48PM +0100]
> >
> > - frontends: i don't know how many people have experiences hacking with
> >   pygame and/or game architectures.  It probably doesn't make much sense
> >   if only Armin and me want to or can do it. Of course, Michael Hudson has
> >   done some stuff in that area, too, but he had to cancel his
> > participation. 
> I'm just hacking away with the 'cmd' module. Since this comes with the 
> Standard Python distribution and doesn't need to have some other 'strange' 
> packets installed, you might want to use that.
> It is really easy to use and understand and gives you documentation, command 
> line completion and help without major effort.

Yes, providing a line-based shell with some completion is a good thing
although interactive tab-completion usually requires readline which is
not natively available on all platforms. 

However, multi-line editing of a function (whose flowgraph, space
operations and translated pyrex/C-code would automatically be
created/updated and displayed for you) requires a somewhat more involved
approach.  Pygame might be a nice, portable and flexible platform for
such tools. Of course, the choice of frontend(s) is debatable and mostly
depends on the experiences of the sprinters, anyway. 

I guess we can agree that starting with some cmdline-based or
terminal-line-based tools to access and display PyPy internals and
intermediate representations is a good idea.  



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