[pypy-dev] Re: [pypy-svn] rev 2674 - pypy/trunk/doc

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Mon Dec 22 16:42:46 CET 2003

Hi Alex and others,

i think we should try to minimize the number of formatting changes not
only in program code but also in ReST files as it makes reading the diffs
really hard because you basically have to reread the whole document
in order to see the differences.  As this has happended now several
times i think it makes sense to think of some convention which allows
the diffs to stay readable. 

Maybe (especially) ReST-changes should be done with a two-step approach:
first the one where you can read the content diff and then the one (if
neccessary at all) which has purely formatting changes and says so in
the commit message.  And we might also think about a common line width
so that not everybody reformats the text again and again :-)



[alex at codespeak.net Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 04:26:21PM +0100]
> Author: alex
> Date: Mon Dec 22 16:26:20 2003
> New Revision: 2674
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