[pypy-dev] Weird failure of test.py as testit.py

Stefan Schwarzer sschwarzer at sschwarzer.net
Tue Dec 23 22:17:12 CET 2003

To avoid a conflict between tool/test.py and a potential directory
tool/test, I have renamed test.py to testit.py and made a
corresponding change to test_all.py . Before I checked the change in,
all tests, invoked from testit.py or test_all.py, ran.

After checking in the changed files I noticed that the tests no longer
ran. That is, testit.py would start but find no tests.

Eventually I found out that everything worked as long as test.py or
test.pyc remained in the tool directory. (So copying testit.py to
test.py makes you again able to run the tests.) So I had checked my
changes, finding everything working, checked in, and cleaned away
test.py* . Thus, I didn't notice that something had gone astray before
committing the changes.

Now there's the question what's wrong with test.py/testit.py . I
suspected an import of "test" from within the module but found no such
import. I'm still searching for the cause of the problem, but if
someone has a quick idea, it would be fine if he/she responded on the
list or even fixed the problem.


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