[pypy-dev] Re: Weird failure of test.py as testit.py

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Wed Dec 24 00:08:12 CET 2003

[Stefan Schwarzer Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 10:33:38PM +0100]
> On Tue, 2003-12-23 22:17:12 +0100, Stefan Schwarzer wrote:
> > Now there's the question what's wrong with test.py/testit.py . I
> > suspected an import of "test" from within the module but found no such
> > import. I'm still searching for the cause of the problem, but if
> > someone has a quick idea, it would be fine if he/she responded on the
> > list or even fixed the problem.
> One addition: I tracked down the problem to line 247 in test(it).py .
> If test.py* doesn't exist, the returned subsuite is empty. I'm trying
> to find out, why.

Well, you forgot to change about 50 other files <wink>.  See my fixes


which shows that all test files (and even some others needing to parse options) 
use the test (now testit) module.  Please be careful when changing the foundation
of our development model :-) 



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