[pypy-dev] documentation progress!

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Sat Dec 27 19:46:20 CET 2003

Hello PyPy,

apart from the new "architecture" document the Amsterdam Sprint also
produced a "goals" document which i now think should be rewritten to 
be (much) more higher level. See here for reference


As it stands it's IMHO very confusing to understand from this document
what PyPy aims at. I guess the current 'goals' document is more like
an extensive "todo list" and maybe should just be renamed.  (Because from 
a Todo-document one a) doesn't expect to understand everything at once 
and b) expects more lower level details).  

Apart from this little renaming we also concluded earlier that we want to 
have a "Status" document which should offer precise information about the
implementation/concept status regarding our "components": 
interpreter, standard/flow/trace/trivial object spaces, annotation and
translation. Each of these components should then have a list of main
pieces wrong, missing, incomplete or (yes they exist!) complete. 

Btw, Armin has in the last days added/modified a chapter about Multimethods 
and Annotations (type inference):



but don't forget to read the architecture document first in case you
e.g.  stumble on the term "object space" and don't know what it means :-) 


cheers and some happy last days of the year,


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