[pypy-dev] Pie-thon benchmark

Seo Sanghyeon tinuviel at sparcs.kaist.ac.kr
Wed Dec 31 21:39:23 CET 2003

Happy new year, pypy-dev!

Guido announced Pie-thon benchmark.

I tried to run it against PyPy revision 2706.

First, here is Python 2.3 performance on my system,
measured by `make times'.

b0.py: real    0m2.720s
b1.py: real    0m1.069s
b2.py: real    0m0.343s
b3.py: real    0m2.137s
b4.py: real    0m0.709s
b5.py: real    0m2.100s
b6.py: real    0m1.903s

For PyPy, I used `time python py.py -S b?.py'. To make relative
import work I prepended `PYTHONPATH=.' for b4.py and b6.py.

b0.py: error   __new__() takes exactly 4 arguments (1 given)
b1.py: error   maximum recursion depth exceeded
b2.py: real    1m25.725s (250x slow)
b3.py: error   __new__ multimethod got a non-wrapped argument
b4.py: error   (this one imports and uses b0.py)
b5.py: error   global name complex is not defined
b6.py: error   unbound method must be called with
               instance as first argument

More comments on b6.py: it took 22 minutes(!) to crash. It printed
42, 1000041, 999999, 49999950000, and finally crashed at
`d = dict.fromkeys(xrange(1000000))'.

Will investigate more.

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