[pypy-dev] List Summary Volunteer

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sun Feb 2 04:24:23 CET 2003

Troy Melhase wrote:
> Hi Folks:
> I've been lurking on pypy-dev since the original announcement, and I'd like to 
> help out in some way.  I'm not a compiler writer, nor a C coder, but I think 
> I can write a summary for the list traffic once a week.

I really much appreciate that, and I believe that
everybody else will, too. This is for sure not easy,
and a lot of work!

> I assume that simply volunteering is enough to be given this responsibility.  
> Sometime Saturday, I'll summarize the traffic from the last three weeks and 
> send them to the list and to c.l.p for group review.
> Comments?

Can't do anything but to encourage you, and to wish you
luck and stableness. Even re-reading everything
thoroughly took be about three hours today.

thanks a lot in advance -- chris

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