[pypy-dev] List Summary Volunteer

Troy Melhase troy at gci.net
Sun Feb 2 09:16:26 CET 2003

Hi Chris:

> I really much appreciate that, and I believe that
> everybody else will, too. This is for sure not easy,
> and a lot of work!

Aye, after reading the posts to date, I think condensing the ideas correctly 
will take some thought.  My only goals are to be succinct and unobtrusive, 
for the sole objective of helping in some small way.

> Can't do anything but to encourage you, and to wish you
> luck and stableness. Even re-reading everything
> thoroughly took be about three hours today.

I, too, reread everything today.  It gave me a renewed sense of excitement 
about this project.  The goals are quite lofty, and I wish all of you the 
best success.  However...

It seems as if www.codespeak.net is unavailable -- at least to me.  The result 
is that I cannot copy message URLs from the archive into the summary.  I'll 
have to wait until I can reach the server again before I complete the first 
one.  :(


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