[pypy-dev] List Summary Volunteer

Troy Melhase troy at gci.net
Mon Feb 3 20:13:26 CET 2003

Hi VanL:

This is a great idea and I whole-heartedly welcome any contributions from you 
and other list readers.

There is a risk in this, however, and that risk is duplicated effort.  If you 
intend on summarizing one or more threads, please send me a note as early in 
the week as possible.

Thanks!  :)


My posts to pypy-dev are bouncing, and I cannot reach the codespeak.net web 
server.   Can you?

On Monday 03 February 2003 08:17 am, VanL wrote:
> Hi,
> I unfortunately did not have time to volunteer to head the whole
> summary, as you did.  However, it seems that it is one of those
> parallelizable tasks that might benefit from a few more hands.
> If you wish, I could summarize a one or two particular threads, and
> email them to you to be included in the overall summary.  I think that
> if a few others might volunteer to write small summaries, then the
> overall load might be reduced, and a more comprehensive and helpful
> summary generated.
> Then again, if you just want to do it, go ahead!  You have my gratitude.
> VanL

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