[pypy-dev] smalltalk as a model?

Gerald Klix Gerald.Klix at klix.ch
Sun Feb 2 13:27:43 CET 2003

last week, inspired by this list, I started to do a Python in Python 
implementation, after the Squeak model. Currently I have an object 
memory with out GC running.

 From tomorrow onwards I will continue to work on it.


Stephan Diehl wrote:
> Hello,
> during the last days I got a little bit interested in smalltalk (article in 
> c't 2/2003). Since smalltalk is already about 30 years old and shares some 
> similarities to Python, some aspects of smalltalk might ease the effort to 
> implement Python in Python.
> Here are some smalltalk faclets that makes it interesting:
> - Everything is an object (even classes and code blocks for example)
> - All actions are performed by invoking an object method (even loops)
> - there are only 5 keywords and only a couple of "special" characters
> - the smalltalk VM is implemented in smalltalk
> - smalltalk comes with "batteries included"
> With smalltalk in mind, one could write a kind of ProtoPython that has much 
> less overhead than the existing Python. 
> Possible features of a ProtoPython (very incomplete):
> - smaller set of reserved words ("print","import",etc.  shouldn't be reserved 
> words)
> - no operators, '+','-',... will be methods
> - at least the for loop could be a method of a (to be defined) list class.
> Even if this approach is absolutely ridiculous, just looking at smalltalk 
> might give some ideas/hints how to construct a self describing language.
> Some Links:
> Squeak (open source smalltalk runtime): http://www.squeak.org
> smalltalk 80 :The Language and Its Implementation (contains details about the 
> VM): http://users.ipa.net/~dwighth/smalltalk/bluebook/bluebook_imp_toc.html
> [Python-Dev] Classes and Metaclasses in Smalltalk:
> Guido about a mail from Jim Althoff, inventor of smalltalk metaclasses
> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2001-May/014508.html
> smalltalkish python:
> http://squeak.cs.uiuc.edu/mail/squeak/msg04577.html
> Stephan
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