[pypy-dev] pypy-dev List Summary - 01 Feb 2003 to 08 Feb 2003

Troy Melhase troy at gci.net
Sun Feb 9 09:03:46 CET 2003

This is a summary of the discussions on the pypy-dev mailing list between 01 
February and 08 February 2003.  The full archive of the list can be found 


Compiler Benchmarks

Logistix posts benchmarks for a pure Python compile module:


Oren Tirosh suggests running the same benchmarks with Psyco.  Holger 
Krekel reminds us that the Psyco used in the Minimal project will be a
very different beast.  Christian Tismer agrees that current performance
gains are not indicators of what is possible.

Logistix later posts a link to his code, and provides some details:



Dean Hall introduces the PyMite interpreter, "my from-scratch flyweight
python interpreter for 8-bit architectures."  The source is not 
available yet, but will be before his presentation at PyCon2003:


Web Site

Holger sends a note that the project web site is ready for use:


The site currently focuses on the upcoming sprint, and has the
obligatory wiki and list summaries.  The site link is:


Multiple, Isolated VMs in a Single Process 

Tobias Oberstein ask about design plans for a threading architecture. He
asks out of interest for having multiple interpreters within a process
without the need for shared objects.  Tobias describes what he sees as
design decisions:


Holger believes the question should be deferred until the initial 
PyPython interpreter has a C API, and asks Tobias to create a wish list


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