[pypy-dev] reusing existing work: Parrot

Tobias Oberstein Tobias.Oberstein at gmx.de
Sun Feb 9 20:28:44 CET 2003

more by accidence, I came across the following stuff


which might be of interest when it comes to

 - reusing existing work in PyPy
 - focusing PyPy (whatever this means) and concentrating manpower

Parrot will be the new VM written from scratch for Perl6.
The developers claim that its generally suitable for
dynamically typed languages - which fits Python as well.

Also it is designed as an abstract register machine, which
they claim will provide better performance.

Btw.: JVMs and .NET CLI are stack-based VMs optimized for
statically typed languages.

Regarding targeting Parrot from Python, there has been some
work done:


As I understand it, the main thing lacking is a "port" of
Python objects (dicts,..) to Parrot, where there are "PMCs"
which are very similar to PyObject.

I have no stakes in either PyPy or Parrot - it's just my two
pence that it could pay to not reinvent another VM, but port
as much modules/objects to pure Python (which is all about PyPy
as I understood) and write a Python->Parott Bytecode emitter plus
complement with appropriate PMCs.


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