[pypy-dev] Scons?

Charles Crain chux at houston.rr.com
Thu Feb 13 16:41:11 CET 2003

(in response to Holger Krekel's question about SCons)

I am on the SCons development team, and can answer any questions you
have about using SCons for PyPython.  It's still "technically" in Alpha,
which by our definition simply means it is not feature complete.
However, the features it does have are extremely stable and
well-tested...we have a very large automated test suite, a rigorous
testing process, and a growing user community.

We make releases about once a month (we try to anyway), and we are
theoretically only a handful of releases away from a first final

We'd be very entusiastic about being included in a high-profile (and
technically really cool) project like PyPython.  Please let us know if
we can do anything for you.  Feel free to email me or post to the
scons-users email list (information at www.scons.org).


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