[pypy-dev] Scons?

Bram Moolenaar Bram at moolenaar.net
Thu Feb 13 21:33:53 CET 2003

Holger Krekel wrote (to Charles Crain):

> As we plan to run on top of CPython first it makes a lot
> of sense to have SCons drive the CPython build and thus
> get rid of make/configure dependencies.  It's also a good 
> release goal for our sprint.  The real challenge here is 
> to have a scheme for taking current CPython-cvs as an 
> "upstream" and have a system for keeping in
> sync what we take out of CPython into our CPython-PyPy.

As an alternative, you might want to look into A-A-P.  Like SCons it is
a Python based build system.  The main difference is that SCons uses
a file with Python syntax while A-A-P uses a syntax that looks more like
a Makefile.  In A-A-P you can use Python script just about everywhere,
but the dependencies are specified like in a Makefile.  One of the
advantages is that you can specify a list of files without quotes or
commas (you do need to use quotes when a file name contains a blank).

Like SCons, A-A-P is in an alpha stage.  SCons has more support for
compilers and languages.  A-A-P has support for uploading, downloading
and CVS.  I'm currently working on a GUI IDE for A-A-P.

Most info can be found on the web site:  http://www.A-A-P.org/
Have a look at the examples: http://www.A-A-P.org/examples.html
Ask me if you have further questions.

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