R: [pypy-dev] Object model

Paolo Invernizzi paoloinvernizzi at dmsware.com
Fri Feb 14 09:04:29 CET 2003

> In fact, we could take advantage of the fact that "memory"
> accesses are just as cheap as "register" accesses for the PyPy VM and
> even use a memory-memory architecture.  That gives the highest code
> density -- even higher than stack-based bytecode -- and still allows
> most "hardware" tricks.

I think this is a major point for archiving a better VM. I dont think we are
stucked with stack-based VM, we can experiment different road...
I think that different VM implementations are a possibility, and we, at
least, can let the user (or the optimizer!) choose which one is better for a
certain application, or even part of application if in that case the problem
is speed and not memory footprint.

Paolo Invernizzi

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