[pypy-dev] first code

Andreas Friedge andreas at trillke.net
Wed Feb 19 01:58:35 CET 2003

first real code can be seen now :)

take a look around in the subversion repository with
your favorite webbrowser:


object space(s) provides implementation of functionality at
interpreter level with some mind boggeling help from
pure python code at application level that becomes loaded
with an dynamic mechanism as seen with various

applicationfile.call(...) like in


this dynamically loaded code resides in
corresponding file with extension '.app.py'

application level objects handled directly in the interpreter
are (or better should be) consistently denoted with prefix 'w_'.
objects that need to be handed over between the two distinct
levels become wrapped/unwrapped

opcode imlpementations in opcade.py only raise
OperationError(). Application level exceptions
must be properly constructed with the wrap mechanism

see def UNPACK_SEQUENCE(f, itemcount):

next steps:
BorrowingObjectSpace: Object space that is implemented using a subset
	of python (no nested scopes,...)

the interpreter main loopm, frames and maybe a module?

have fun


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