[pypy-dev] Release something?

Rocco Moretti roccomoretti at netscape.net
Fri Feb 28 03:42:19 CET 2003

Armin Rigo <arigo at tunes.org> wrote:

>Hello everybody,
>One more e-mail to remind you that one of the goal of the sprint was to
>release something at the end of the week.

In regards to release, we should keep in mind that *anyone* who wants to 
look at pypy can get subversion and check out the most recent
version - so in a sense we have a continual release process.

So the concept of a "release" only makes sense in regards to people who 
don't want to bother downloading svn or tracking changes - i.e. non-
developers. Therefore it only makes sense to "release" pypy when it is 
worthwhile and interesting in and of itself. (Which may be now.)

Therefore, I submit for approval the following (tentative) release 
milestone guidelines:
0.0.1 - pypy passes all of CPython's regression tests under the trivial 
        object space. (On the appropriate version of CPython.)
0.1.0 - pypy passes all of CPython's regression tests under a 
        StandardObject Space. (Regardless of host Python.)
1.0.0 - pypy passes all of Python's (note generality) regression tests, 
        and is stand-alone (needs no host Python implementation)

Note that these are just suggestions to start discussion - feel free to 
ignore them.


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