[pypy-dev] Questions about the C core

David Ascher DavidA at ActiveState.com
Sun Jan 12 05:55:44 CET 2003

Christian Tismer wrote:

> I believe, no. Instead, I think to supply a generic
> virtual machine which is easy to produce code for,
> tpgether with a very fast interpreter.
> That engine would run on any machine and would
> be enough to do the full bootstrap, when the
> specific machine is defined, later.

Is anyone on this list familiar with the current state of Parrot?

    All I know is: 

Additionally, is anyone here familiar with some of the work that's been 
done on AOS, related to SmallScript, a version of SmallTalk (see e.g. 
http://www.smallscript.org/SmallScriptWebsite.asp#AOS).  I have the 
impression that those folks have done some interesting work, although 
their non-open-source nature makes it hard to evaluate.


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