[pypy-dev] Questions about the C core

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Sun Jan 12 15:05:12 CET 2003

[David Ascher Sat, Jan 11, 2003 at 09:03:55PM -0800]
> On the topic of macros et al:
> I think that delivering minimal python will be quite hard.  If the 
> mandate is to create a new implementation of Python, then I think that 
> the syntax of current Python should be seen as a "minimal" requirement 
> from a syntactic POV.  New syntactic elements can clearly be defined as 
> well, although naturally care should be taken to ensure that existing 
> code still works. (so making 'spam' a reserved word probably wouldn't work).
> On the other hand, I'm going to lose interest in this project pretty 
> fast if it turns into an _unsubstantiated_ argument about language 
> design.  If a new language construct is proposed as a fairly direct and 
> well-supported way to get the implementation done better, faster, 
> cheaper, then by all means.

To me http://www.python.org/dev/culture.html has become kind of a mantra. 
IMO especially 'readability counts' constrains Macro ideas alot. 

Anyway, i am all for sticking to the language definition.  Though 
I guess it will get easier to try out new syntax/semantic ideas.  

I think that the decisions from the python developers have generally 
been very wise and publically extending the language should really be 
accepted by the usual authorities.   Of course, there might be
some special rules or constructs in the bootstrapping process
if that really helps.  But even then, i think that these will
be restrictions rather than extensions.  Let's not give up
the common coding style and readability.  What might seem a
gain in the short term might not play out well in the end. 

IOW I trust e.g. Guido more than my own judgement on these matters.



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